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 Focused Enrichment Development Center ("FEDC") has embarked on a mission with the sole purpose of enriching the foundation of every child we came in contact with; providing tutoring for academic under-performance in the areas of Reading and Math as well as positively affecting the esteem of each child in an effort to build confidence.


To be the extension of parents and teachers to ensure the success of every child we are assigned to assist.


To create well rounded individuals at a young age in hopes to nurture the healthy growth needed for every adult to succeed in life.

Who we are & why we do this:

Focused Enrichment Development Center (“FEDC”) was founded by a Pastor and his wife who are also parents. Year after year they watched as the struggle became obvious for so many children around them, including their own. As the grade level rises, the work became more challenging. It’s easy for a child to fall back due to laziness or simply because they don’t understand the work and can’t keep up with the pace. With student teacher ratio at an all time high in most schools, and most parents working outside the home, “FEDC” decided to partner with parents and teachers as an extension of ensuring Educational success for all students.

Who we serve:

Focused Enrichment Development Center caters to elementary school-aged children. We work with teachers to identify youth who are under performing academically and need that one on one attention that a smaller environment can give.

Unfortunately at this time FEDC does not have Educators who specialize with teaching BEH or EMH children. We can however, assist parents at finding the right facility.

During the school year:

FEDC will provide the following services 2:00pm until 6:00pm, Monday-Friday.

*Tutoring in Reading and Math

*A healthy snack

*One-on-one homework assistance


*Self-Esteem Building

*Anti-Bullying Tactics